1977 sachs moped

Sachs was one of the biggest built-in engines producer of the world with headquarter and production sites in Germany see also Hercules. The full name of the company that produced Sachs engines is ZF Sachs. The original manufacturers name is Herculesdue to lack of popularity in export markets the label Sachs or DKW were chosen.

For example, the Balboa is very similar to the Hercules but with slight trim changes.

1977 sachs moped

The Sachs 50x series engine is known for its high rate of compression, ease of use, stability, and lack of case gasket. High compression is achieved though the unorthodox use of a combined cylinder and cylinder head. Referred to as a cylinder jugthis can be a mixed blessing as it is difficult to clean carbon deposits at the top of the jug. Also, if a spark plug hole's threads are damaged and rendered unusable, the entire cylinder may need have the hole heilicoiled or worse, the entire cylinder might be scrapped.

There are benefits to the engine with a relatively efficient clutch assembly that can be easily changed. The engine case is also split horizontally leading to no use for a case gasket as the transmission fluid sits below the seam of the engine case. Also, interchangeable parts, cases, gears are used between manual and automatic models.

The Sachs 50x series engine were available with 1 gear automatic transmissions mainly cheap mopeds and export2 gears, or as 3 gear manual transmissions. The engine could be ordered with incorporated pedal start, kick-start, handlebar gear-lever, or foot gear-lever.

Kick-started 3-gear engines are rare to find as production numbers were significantly lower than the popular 2-gear engines. The Sachs 50x series automatic engine also features a cable that engages not only the clutch but also a decompression valve. This decompression valve can be bypassed by fabricating a new cable. Doing this can make the moped harder to start but takes the weak decompression valve out of the equation.

The valve itself can be replaced by a bolt of the same size. The most used solution in motors was a Bosch variant of the 3, 4, or 5 wire type that are compatable with Puch. The type of transmission fluid for the automatic engines used should be Type F automatic, filled to the bottom of the plastic screw on the transmission side of the engine. This screw is easily stripped or ruined but replacements are cheap and metal variants are available.

Y is a number representing the amount of gears that the transmission contained. In the United States, manual transmission engines were not allowed legally so, occasionally this number was omitted. Automatics are referred to as "1". In Europe 2, 3 and 4 speed manual engines were sold in a variety of applications.

Some Sachs engines came with these identifiers, some did not.

1977 Sachs Foxi GT Moped - $600 (Anaheim, CA)

US distributed and engines use the following nomenclature to describe the engine configuration:. D has 2. Some mopeds such as Columbia Commuters, have no "Z" designation letter.

The A, B and C varieties all use the same 42 mm crankshaft to achieve displacement of The D is much more powerful with 2.

1977 sachs moped

This, and a shorter intake side piston skirt, gives the horsepower increase. Some cylinders also use a slightly different bolt pattern between the base mounting holes, so they cannot be easily interchanged. The does not have the pedal shaft running through the engine as the does. The flywheel on the is larger than the flywheel on the Crank shafts cannot be swapped between the two because of the larger flywheel on the Some s have a coaster brake like rear brake.

Inside the engine case there is a sprag set up that allows you to backpedal to use the rear brake.Call 3O5 I do not respond to texts or emails.


Sachs 1-D engine with miles, runs and drives great, does 30 mph. Clean tank, little rust elsewhere. Everything electrical works, brake lights, headlight, horn, kill switch.

Brake, throttle, choke, and speedo cables work great. Brakes work, tires in decent shape. New stock air filter. This mope. Everything works, new carburetor, front tire, and shocks. Moped sachs. Pinstriped by legendary "Big Daddy" Roth. It has 2 new tires and new inner tubesa new speedometer cable, a new throttle cable, a new clutch cable, and the carb has been rebuilt. It also has new rear shocks. Runs on premix.

Runs good and all the lights are in working order. Runs 25 mph.

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I have a clear title for the bike. Call or text Mark if interested. If the ad is u. Appear to be very complete. They have not been started or run in quite a few years, stored undercover. Offered as found, we have not tinkered or altered them. Email or call landline. Both mopeds are unique. Help get these ass cracked crack heads D cylinder motor turns over very strongFits all Puch Maxi style mopeds. Also fits the Cobra, and non-Magnum Puch frames.

Works for Sachs as well! Basically a universal flywheel nut. If your nut has a flange on it, maybe use a washer with this one. Measure the OD of the threaded part of your crank to verify. For tuning tips, check out Garage. The worlds largest moped build database. Use Garage as a guide to what jet you need. For all of you who are breaking the sound barrier, this circlip has no anything sticking out. A bit trickier to install, but safer for high RPM enviornments.

Fits many many different kits, stock or race. If your piston has a 12mm pin, this will work for you. The power is in the points. Tons of great builds are using points on Garage.

The worlds largest moped tuning database. Check out what folks are using here. About My Account. This is the Sachs 2. It all started with a moped shop with an apartment in the back. Today we're proud to provide quality moped parts direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy.

And most of all, we hope we help you get back on the road, faster than before. Call or email us today to let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you! Join the Mailing List! Email Address. Keep track of all your adventures and predict maintenance intervals by tracking your mileage.Subsequent to WWII cc Victoria power units saw service in Sparta motorcycles, and a rather nice 98cc Villiers powered scooter was built between and Production of motorcycles ceased in Sparta factory in The top corner is the old part.

The helmet law in The Netherlands made the already declining moped sales worse. Sales got a boost from exports to the US duringbut declined afterwith new US laws and lower gas prices. That was the last gas powered moped Sparta made, and the single most succesful moped model, after 60 years from to In, bikes were made, and 20, of them 1 out of 4 were Spartamets. Sparta B. They are still in Apeldoorn, but in a smaller facility, at 37 Wilmersdorf.

The Lucky aka Flying Dutchman has the gas tank in back. Otherwise, ever ything else is basically the same. The USA models have long bench seats and bigger lights, with brake light and side reflectors. The Netherlands models have solo seats, and a front fender license plate holder.

Foxi GT tank set, for sale in stickers. Sparta tank set, for sale in stickers. Flying Dutchman side stickers dpi original on Sparta rear tank. Ted Van Der Kolk grew up in the Netherlands. He had a moped shop there, as well as souvenir shops in the Dutch West Indies, before moving to California in Ted was already selling Sparta mopeds and bicycles in the Netherlands.

All of the Flying Dutchmans in Southern California came from those three shops.

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Besides teaming up with Van Der Kolk, John Cochran made one of the first moped expansion chamber exhausts, and employed Carlos Rodriquez as main mechanic at Moped City. John Cochran died in Flying Dutchman. Click to see Kynast Flying Dutchman models. Dusor very likely bought out Sparta, Inc. Then 11 pages of Sparta parts lists and price lists were inserted into the ex-Dusor flyer, to make a Sparta dealer packet.

End of history and trivia. Thank you. Beginning of the parts for sale what is finished so far. Rear fenders are painted the color of the frame.Two part kit for Sachs mopeds. Sachs mopeds come in many varieties, you may need to fab a mount, not hard. This exhaust kit is for the Left side. Includes:Expansion chamberHeader pipeClamp secures header Allows the use of a universal type exhaust for models that normally have no options.

Airsal 70cc Not only upgrades your power and performance, it also provide the convenience of a removable cylinder head. Will provide great performance out of the box, but if you do some port matching, New decompression valve for Sachsengines typically found on the Hercules and other mopeds with the Sachs engine.

1977 sachs moped

This one is for 6v applications. Actual diameter is 4. Will fit many other makes like Sacsh and Tomos with 11mm or 12mm axles. Great universal exhaust to boost performance. Clamp it on with a 28mm headers that are available for Puch, Tomos and Sachs. Or clamp or weld it to your existing header. Non - resisted type.

will it run? free bike engine,

NOS chrome pedal crank arms. Made for Sachs and Columbia mopeds, but works on almost all mopeds, and clears most performance exhausts. Pretty much everything with 16mm sized cranks. Large offsets and long arms Dimensionsmm long L mm long R 47mm This has different screw on style prongs.

Most commonly used in taillights. Made in Germany. Original CEV brand that has traveled through time. The BA20D bulb is used for the headlight and taillights of many model mopeds and motorcycles. Amber low beam, White high beam. Fits: Sachs powered mopeds like the Hercules, Batavus and some General 5 stars. Please be sure to compare before purchasing. Most commonly used bulb in taillights, also found in some headlights. Check your size and base before ordering, this bulb has many fitments and uses.

BA15s or Base. Same bulb type.Hercules mopeds have this H logo on the headlight brackets. Hercules mopeds have several brand names. There are likely other brands of Hercules mopeds worldwide. Hercules History: In Carl Marschtz founded a company to build bicycles, and adopted the company name Hercules in They began to increase to larger machines in the thirties and even saw some competition and long distance endurance success.

They made various commercial vehicles between and Inwhen tax reductions made 3-wheeler cars profitable, they made the Hercules Coupe, powered by a cc ILO engine. It was only in production for one year.

Hercules and Sachs: The partnership of Hercules and Sachs began as early aswhen Ernst Sachs invented the Torpedo brake hub which provided a revolution in bicycle manufacture — and in bicycle sales.

But DKW engineers re-designed it during the war. Interestingly, Great Britain already had a well-established bicycle manufacturing company called Hercules, that was not connected to the German marque. In Hercules became the first company to offer a Wankel-rotary-engined motorcycle for sale to the general public. German Speed Versions: In Germany, there are three kinds of mopeds:. Mokicks are kick-start mopeds with no pedals. The pedals are part of the frame. There are two chains, motor and pedal.

The two models shown below agree with that. The pedals are part of the engine. US states chose their on speed limits. The 30mph states sold the 25mph versions. Four models are presently available in the United States.Sachs on Sachs on Sachs. Builder: WillD Updated Sachs in the Head. Builder: Duke Updated Razor Blade. Builder: Brent Bublitz Updated Builder: Kevin Brent Updated Sachs Flying Eagle. Builder: tyler shearer Updated Liquid Medallion. Colorumbia Commuter. Builder: David Couzens Updated The General Azteca.

Builder: Britt Heit Updated Builder: Marc Breitman Updated Ignition: Clutch: Carb: Main Jet: Gas Miser. Builder: Gordon Babbitt Updated Builder: Chris Lavery Updated Ignition: Clutch: Carb:. Builder: G Rashid Updated Rustolium Red. Builder: Bill Hartman Updated Dirty Sachs.

Builder: Corey Flowers Updated Builder: Yan Morino Updated Sachs Appeal. Builder: Phil N Updated Top Tank Sachs. Builder: Andrew Scouten Updated Love in a time of Ebola. Generally Saxy. Builder: Ryan Schimmel Updated Like a G3. Builder: Francis Cronley Updated

1977 sachs moped