Bloody accidents

In the history of film and televisionaccidents have occurred during shootingsuch as cast or crew fatalities or serious accidents that plagued production.

Auto Accident Injuries: 7 Common Injuries Following Auto Accident and Its Symptoms & Signs

From tothere were 37 deaths relating to accidents during stunts; 24 of these deaths involved the use of helicopters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from List of film accidents. Wikipedia list article. Retrieved 5 May Golden Colorado Transcript. Retrieved 7 September Kino Video. Retrieved 14 June Jefferson, NC: McFarland, The Autobiography of Cecil B. London: W. Allen, Maxim Dark Star. Golden Silents. Retrieved 6 June San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Broken wings: Hollywood's air crashes. Pictorial Histories Pub. Retrieved 4 May Stunting in the Cinema.Hypoglycemia is a condition in which your blood sugar glucose level is lower than normal.

Glucose is your body's main energy source. Hypoglycemia is often related to diabetes treatment. But other drugs and a variety of conditions — many rare — can cause low blood sugar in people who don't have diabetes.

Hypoglycemia needs immediate treatment when blood sugar levels are low. But your numbers might be different. Ask your doctor. Treatment involves quickly getting your blood sugar back to normal either with high-sugar foods or drinks or with medications.

Long-term treatment requires identifying and treating the cause of hypoglycemia. Seek emergency help for someone with diabetes or a history of hypoglycemia who has symptoms of severe hypoglycemia or loses consciousness. Hypoglycemia occurs when your blood sugar glucose level falls too low.

There are several reasons why this can happen; the most common is a side effect of drugs used to treat diabetes. When you eat, your body breaks down carbohydrates from foods — such as bread, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruit and milk products — into various sugar molecules, including glucose. Glucose, the main energy source for your body, enters the cells of most of your tissues with the help of insulin — a hormone secreted by your pancreas.

Insulin enables the glucose to enter the cells and provide the fuel your cells need. Extra glucose is stored in your liver and muscles in the form of glycogen. If you haven't eaten for several hours and your blood sugar level drops, another hormone from your pancreas signals your liver to break down the stored glycogen and release glucose into your bloodstream.

This keeps your blood sugar within a normal range until you eat again. Your body also has the ability to make glucose. This process occurs mainly in your liver, but also in your kidneys. If you have diabetes, you might not make enough insulin type 1 diabetes or you might be less responsive to it type 2 diabetes. As a result, glucose tends to build up in the bloodstream and can reach dangerously high levels.

To correct this problem, you might take insulin or other drugs to lower blood sugar levels. But too much insulin or other diabetes medications may cause your blood sugar level to drop too low, causing hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia can also occur if you eat less than usual after taking diabetes medication, or if you exercise more than you normally do. Some critical illnesses. Severe liver illnesses such as severe hepatitis or cirrhosis can cause hypoglycemia.

Kidney disorders, which can keep your body from properly excreting medications, can affect glucose levels due to a buildup of those medications.

Long-term starvation, as can occur in the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, can result in too little of substances your body needs to create glucose.

Hypoglycemia usually occurs when you haven't eaten, but not always.Meeting with auto accident can be an horrific experience for the people involved in the accident. It is not just the loss of your car but the lasting impact that the auto accident can have on your body, health, and quality of life due to the injuries that you are and your loved ones are likely to suffer from as a result of auto accident. This article covers the 7 common injuries that a person is likely to encounter after an auto accident.

Head Injury is very common in auto accident as during the high impact collision, head tends to hit the steering wheel or the side windows leading to some serious injuries to the head and brain. Facial injury is caused by impact with air bag, steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, side window, car seats, or shattered glass. Chest Injury is again very common in auto accident, especially if it is a head-on collision as the steering wheel is likely to hit your chest with great force thereby causing some serious damage to the chest bone.

Victims of Auto Accident are known to sustain seat belt injury, which is associated with a very high rate of injury to the Abdomen. There is a high chances of sustaining abrasion and hematoma with seat belt injury to the abdomen. A very common consequence of auto accident is fracture or broken bone. Listed below are the common fractures that a person is likely to sustain in auto accident. Lower Extremities Fractures — Fracture of femur, tibia, fibula, ankle and metatarsal bone. Upper Extremities Fractures — Fracture of humerus, radius, ulna, wrist bone and metacarpal.

Joint Dislocation are very common in Auto Accident. Listed below the joints that are likely to get dislocated in the event of an auto accident:.

bloody accidents

Lower Extremities — Hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint and metatarsal joint. Upper Extremities — Shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint and metacarpal joint.

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bloody accidents

It looks as if the oncoming driver passed that truck and cut back into her lane too hard, causing her car to fishtail and lose control. Highways need median dividers. It's scary to know there's nothing you can do Wow, he was driving fast.

bloody accidents

And of course, the drunk driver survived while the dashcam vehicle driver was killed. This video shows how dangerous a blowout or striking small object in the road can be when traveling at high speeds. There's no word on the condition of the occupant sbut that's a pretty bad accident.

Video taken A civilian cargo plane crash at Bagram Air Field north of Kabul in Afghanistan has killed seven people. At approximately 7 a. You can see the driver start to veer a bit as he or she starts dozing off. Then the car heads straight into oncoming traffic, slamming into a commercial truck.

The driver was killed, and this only goes to show how you Staff 7 years ago. Six vehicles were involved, and three people died in this accident, which occurred near the town of Nowe Zambrzyce province Podlaskie, Poland.

The accident was caused when the oncoming Mercedes truck's tire blew, There are very few cars on the road - not a bad day for driving. Everybody taking it easy, they all have their own agendas but no one's in a hurry. Then all of a sudden you get this drunk driving douchebag flying in d I don't know; maybe it was an accident, but it sure looks like suicide by innocent motorist.

What a terrible way to do it - involving ran Tag: Fatal. Recent Posts. Recent Comments.Chanting "Bloody Mary! The research into Bloody Mary goes back towhen folklorist Janet Langlois published her essay on the legend.

Belief in summoning the mirror-witch was even at that time widespread throughout the U. Mary is summoned whenever squealing girls get together for a sleepover, but boys have been known to call on her too. Examples: [Collected on the Internet, ]. You go into a room with a mirror and turn all the lights off this works well in a bathroom. While you are chanting you should be spinning around at a medium rate and taking a glimpse in the mirror at each pass.

Near the 13th repetition of the words. A frend of mine said that her roommate tried this and ran out screaming from the bathroom.

She was shaking and appeared genuinely terrified and refused to talk about the incident, but those who were around her when she came out noticed that her clenched fingers were covered in blood. Read more scary stories and creepy urban legends. Mary is said to be a witch who was executed a hundred years ago for plying the black arts, or a woman of more modern times who died in a local car accident in which her face was hideously mutilated.

That legend more properly attaches to Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess who lived from to Mary I of England was anything but a famed beauty terrified of losing her looks — she was a matronly, fortyish woman who had about as much sense of style as a dust mop. The idea of her bathing in the blood of slaughtered virgins to preserve her loveliness is ludicrous. That bringing the country back to Catholicism would also safeguard her throne was also a major consideration. Mary I was the half sister of Elizabeth I Though this Mary was indeed a vain and foolish woman, history does not know her as a murderous one.

Well, she did have a hand in doing away with a husband. In lore, as elsewhere, coincidences occur. Why would otherwise rational youngsters want to risk setting a murderous spirit on the rampage? Gail de Vos offers the following explanation:. So why do children continue to summon Bloody Mary, flirting with danger and possible tragedy? This is the period when children need to satisfy their craving for excitement by participating in ritual games and playing in the dark.Seeing blood in your urine can be alarming.

While in many instances the cause is harmless, blood in urine hematuria can indicate a serious disorder. Blood that you can see is called gross hematuria. Urinary blood that's visible only under a microscope microscopic hematuria is found when your doctor tests your urine.

Either way, it's important to determine the reason for the bleeding. Gross hematuria produces pink, red or cola-colored urine due to the presence of red blood cells. It takes little blood to produce red urine, and the bleeding usually isn't painful. Passing blood clots in your urine, however, can be painful. Some medications, such as the laxative Ex-lax, and certain foods, including beets, rhubarb and berries, can cause your urine to turn red.

A change in urine color caused by drugs, food or exercise might go away within a few days. Bloody urine looks different, but you might not be able to tell the difference. It's best to see your doctor anytime you see red-colored urine. The female urinary system — which includes your kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra — is responsible for removing waste from your body through urine.

Your kidneys, located in the rear portion of your upper abdomen, produce urine by filtering waste and fluid from your blood. The male urinary system — which includes your kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra — is responsible for removing waste from your body through urine.

In hematuria, your kidneys — or other parts of your urinary tract — allow blood cells to leak into urine. Various problems can cause this leakage, including:.

bloody accidents

Urinary tract infections. These occur when bacteria enter your body through the urethra and multiply in your bladder. Symptoms can include a persistent urge to urinate, pain and burning with urination, and extremely strong-smelling urine.

For some people, especially older adults, the only sign of illness might be microscopic blood in the urine. A bladder or kidney stone.

The minerals in concentrated urine sometimes form crystals on the walls of your kidneys or bladder. Over time, the crystals can become small, hard stones. The stones are generally painless, so you probably won't know you have them unless they cause a blockage or are being passed. Then there's usually no mistaking the symptoms — kidney stones, especially, can cause excruciating pain.It runs in a straight line from its east portal, along the Deerfield River in the town of Floridato its west portal in the city of North Adams.

At its completion, the tunnel was the world's second-longest, after the 8. The tunnel project was originally proposed in as a canal to connect Boston to Upstate New York via the Deerfield River on the east of the Hoosac Range and the Hoosic River on the west.

That project was shelved, and later reborn as part of the new Troy and Greenfield Railroad. The most important proponent of the northern route and the Hoosac Tunnel was Alvah Crockera self-made paper mill owner from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The project, which was promoted by Crocker but mostly organized and engineered by others, notably Hermann Haupt in the early stages, and several other firms under contract, under the direction of several head engineers assigned by the state of Massachusetts, which took over the project after it initially failed and went bankrupt.

InCrocker formed the Fitchburg Railroad charteredopened between Boston and Fitchburg. InCrocker incorporated the existing Vermont and Massachusetts Railroadwhich ran from Fitchburg west to Greenfieldas well as northward from Millers Falls to Brattleboro, Vermont.

The first chief engineer of the tunnel project was A. InHerman Haupt took over as chief engineer. The Western Railroadled by Chester W. Chapinwhich ran a southern route through Springfield and Pittsfieldopposed the Hoosac Tunnel and its northern route through the state.

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It successfully lobbied to block state funding of the tunnel inwhich bankrupted Haupt and temporarily stopped the project. Inthe Troy and Greenfield Railroad defaulted on its loan from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which foreclosed on the mortgage and took control of the railroad, including the tunnel project.

The state sent engineer Charles Storrow to Europe to study modern tunneling techniques, including the use of nitroglycerin and compressed air. In the state, with Alvah Crocker now superintendent of railroads, restarted the project and made Thomas Doane the chief engineer. Canadian engineer Walter Shanly sometimes spelled Shanley and his brother Francis took over the project from the state and remained through the completion of the tunnel boring.

Among the consulting engineers at the time was Benjamin Henry Latrobe IIa noted civil engineer who was serving as the chief engineer of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The final chief engineer was Bernard N.

Bloody Aftermath of Car Accident

Farren, who took over on November 19,and on Thanksgiving Day that year, the last 16 feet of rock was removed beneath the town of North Adams. Farren completed the work, including enlarging sections of the tunnel, reinforcing weak areas with arching, completing drainage systems and completing the east tunnel facade.

The first train passed through the tunnel on February 9, The tunnel construction project required excavation of 2, tonnes 2, long tons; 2, short tons of rock. On March 16,"Wilson's Patented Stone-Cutting Machine" a tunnel boring machine was used; it failed after excavating 10 feet 3. Tunnel builders resorted to hand digging, and later used the Burleigh Drilling-machineone of the first pneumatic drills.

Construction also featured the first large-scale commercial use of nitroglycerin and electric blasting caps and the first such use in the United States. Digging the Central Shaft also allowed workers to open two additional faces to excavate: once the shaft was completed inworkers dug outwards from the center to meet the tunnels being dug from the east and west portals. One of the many engineering challenges posed by the project was getting the proper alignment between the four tunnel segments that were being dug: the east and west portal tunnels and the two tunnels dug outward from the central shaft.

Engineers cleared a path through the forest over the mountain and strung a straight line from the east to west portals through "sighting posts" on the east and west peaks of Hoosac Mountain.

InThomas Doane took over as chief engineer.

Bloody accidents