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Monthly Job Openings - July self. What was your salary at your first job out of college? Question about tech marketing self. I've been considering going back to school for a Master's as I've been mostly doing social media marketing for 5 years and I'm tired of being the "social media guy" self.

Studies on the importance of online presence self. If you have 5 million subscribers and you are sending out campaigns for big clients like Apple and Amazon - how would you analyse your work? Seeking advice for social media content creation. I feel like this isn't them seeing how much I know, but them trying to get free marketing advice.

Who do I email? Question How do I get users back to my news site? Question What salary did you start off at and what us your salary now? After how many years of hard work?

Question Google My Business is reporting a lot of views but no leads? Question about this career self. Advice on 'authority' on a topic campaigns. Worth it? Question: What's the best and cheapest way to do market research on taglines? Question Title Help self. I have too many sites - Help me condense my sites into one site with one message self. Question Working for a large vs small company.

Does it matter? Lets discuss -Best ways to obtain business email directories self. Question Consequences on recruitment for marketing jobs if I graduate in Dec instead of usual May [U. Any graduates of a MS in Marketing Intelligence program? What was your experience like? Or do you know anybody who has completed it? Question How to write a plan that adapts to agile changes? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Guide to getting your first pen. Anyone ever order from Rakuten? Pros and cons? Rakutan is like a Japanese amazon. Many third party sellers list good on their site. Some of the sellers do not ship directly to the USA. If that is the case then sometimes you need to use a service like white rabbit. I have purchased two pens through rakutan sellers.

One is a sailor pro color - that one I used white rabbit for. The other is a Kobe exclusive sailor I have not had any problems with either order. And chances are I will order again. Especially if something purple shows up.


Can't speak to the store specifically but I've ordered from pen-room on Rakuten and it was a good experience. Shipping was super fast and it was a fairly easy process to order. Rakuten is a marketplace so an experience is determined by the specific seller, not really by Rakuten.

Like another person in this thread, I ordered from penroom through rakuten and the experience was very easy, I don't have experience from other sellers though. As others have said, Rakuten is a market place of many different and individual sellers. There's plenty of opinions on Engeika here and on other forums.

I ordered some Japanese stationary on Rakuten. I had to use Google translate, which seemed to give a good approximation of my order receipt, plus I had to reply to confirm the shipping charge, which was more than the value of my order. I'm sure some sellers use more English, but the one I bought from was mostly in Japanese.

Other than that, no issues whatsoever. And yes the store is hunnyhut. However when I tried to get a sailor pro color from them I was told that they could not ship sailors to the US because of the deals they had with distributors.

I've ordered from Voice on Rakuten and had excellent service. Fast shipping, very fast dispatch, and nice cushy packing for ink.

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I would recommend looking up FPN reviews of shops. That's how I settled on Voice. Followed someone on Instagram that showed this being sold on rakuten. The color is darker than the typical transparent green that is available at Anderson pens and yeah It's not the same design but if I remember correctly there's a sailor nib on the rakuten pen so I just searched for a transparent green sailor fountain pen and got that as like seventh on list for Google.

I think rakuten and the seller I found made a custom housing for the feed and nib, was just wondering if any reputable sellers had the same shade. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

For marketing professionals to discuss and ask questions related to the marketing industry.

All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is a global affiliate network where marketers get to engage consumers throughout their customer journey. Here, publishers and advertisers get to connect with each other. These partnerships allow businesses to reach new audiences and encourage previous buyers to make another purchase. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate has solutions for both publishers and advertisers that allows them to look forward to more revenues through an all-around strategy that is continually fine-tuned.

This way, all users can leverage the network and experience its benefits to the fullest. With Rakuten Marketing Affiliate, businesses can rest assured that they are partnering only with the best influencers and publishers. This lets them maintain high-quality connections that can support their brand effectively. Brands can utilize Rakuten Marketing Affiliate to achieve success in various stages. They can use it to make people aware of them, convert consumers, and continuously engage customers.

Popular influencers make part of the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate program. These people can introduce their audiences to a product or brand and even inspire loyalty for them. For advertisers, this is a wonderful way to expand their reach and create quality connections. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate discriminates when it comes to publisher applications. To maintain their current quality, they vigorously check publisher applications to ensure that they meet the standards.

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate provides all users with the necessary tools of the trade. These make affiliate marketing less arduous to implement, measure, and optimize at any time. Moreover, each user has access to a data feed solution that allows publishers to show product comparisons and lets advertisers produce feeds that assist them in increasing their deliveries.

Every advertiser has an assigned dedicated manager. Aside from that, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate also gives them top-notch account management to enable them to make strategic marketing moves that help them expand their businesses. Because businesses have particular business wants, it is reasonable they abstain from getting an all-encompassing, ideal software system. Having said that, it would be almost impossible to stumble on such a software system even among popular software solutions.

The practical step to do is to take note of the varied main aspects that require research including major features, pricing, technical skill ability of staff, business size, etc.

After which, you should double down on the product research systematically. Have a look at some of these Rakuten Marketing Affiliate analyses and look over each of the applications in your list more closely. Such detailed product research ascertain you keep away from unsuitable software products and choose the one that meets all the aspects your company requires in sustaining growth. If you are interested in Rakuten Marketing Affiliate it could also be a good idea to check out other subcategories of Affiliate Marketing Software listed in our database of B2B software reviews.

There are well-liked and widely used systems in each software group. A popular software product may have thousands of customers, but does it present what you need? For this reason, do not blindly spend on popular systems. Read at least a few Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Software reviews and think about the elements that you desire in the software such as the cost, main features, available integrations etc.

Then, select a few systems that fit your requirements. Check out the free trials of these platforms, read online comments, get clarifications from the maker, and do your investigation systematically. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Rakuten Marketing Affiliate.

Rakuten Super Logistics integrates with all of the major shopping cart platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, ebay, Amazon, and Rakuten. Thank you for the time you take to leave a quick review of this software.In this new global powerhouse, advertisers and agencies can find sought-after inventory and audiences, and a trusted partner to help their brands make the genuine connections that drive genuine performance.

Tap our unmatched consumer insights for data-driven campaigns that outperform awareness, acquisition and engagement goals. Every brand has fans just waiting to be discovered. Access our performance network of more than K publishers and brands, and experience breakthrough results from the 1 Affiliate Marketing Network for 9 years in a row.

Start making marketing decisions based on real consumer trends and insights, taken from our competitive intelligence and proprietary data on millions of online shoppers.

Add more variety into your global media mix, and enjoy incremental reach and scale. Connect to the audiences who love what you do. Outperform your targets with our mix of technology, inventory and cross-channel insights. Our exclusive consumer insights give you the clarity and perspective to make smart decisions and stay ahead of your competition. Consumers say they want experiences with brands that inspire them and enhance their lives.

Our clients want a trusted partner committed to their success. Real connections. Real results. Reach them with Rakuten Advertising. Reach Real People Every brand has fans just waiting to be discovered. Tap Into a Global Network Access our performance network of more than K publishers and brands, and experience breakthrough results from the 1 Affiliate Marketing Network for 9 years in a row.

Think and Spend Smarter Start making marketing decisions based on real consumer trends and insights, taken from our competitive intelligence and proprietary data on millions of online shoppers.

rakuten marketing reddit

Performance Marketing Integrated campaigns for maximum impact Connect to the audiences who love what you do. Consumer Insights Intelligence that gives you the edge. Ready to hear more? Contact Us.Rakuten Marketing is the global leader in integrated marketing solutions.

With offices around the world, their integrated marketing solutions span affiliate, display and search. Rakuten Marketing empowers marketers with integrated marketing solutions that enable them to achieve the full potential of digital marketing. Rakuten Marketing customer references have an aggregate content usefulness score of 4. We only post customer references verified by the vendor. Not setup yet?

Claim your profile and create a Premium Portal for your organization. Contact us today to take control of your profile for FREE and learn about our upgraded profile options to unlock all of your customer references for prospects to see. Contact us to create an Enterprise Account for your organization. Medical Practice Management Software. About Us. Contact Us. Summer EHS Management. Summer Grant Management.

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See All Companies. About Rakuten Marketing Rakuten Marketing is the global leader in integrated marketing solutions. View Customer Testimonials.

rakuten marketing reddit

Featured Customer References Retail. Not only does the Ra As a fashion site, our readers gravitate towards high end luxury fashion brands. Not only does the Rakuten Affiliate program work with the majority of these brands, but the program also provides all the tools our editors and data analysts need to make informed decisions. Our editors have the ability to create custom links in the matter of seconds while our analysts can pull a variety of reports at a moments notice.

This gives our team the power to monitor sales, commissions and industry trends at any given time. Whistles Customer Case Study.

Vendor Login. Add Your Company. Enterprise Account Login. Claim Your Profile. I work for Rakuten Marketing.Before posting, you may want to search and read below to see if your question has already been answered:. There are special rules for Self-promotion Content as well as for Businesses, please refer to them here before posting:. We are recruiting volunteers to join the team.

This is a serious role that takes many hours per week. We actively recruit people from diverse time zones and backgrounds, who have good problem solving skills, diplomacy, and who love to learn new things. Apply here! If you have any suggestions or things to add, please message the mods! Note that abusive or rude treatment of mods is not tolerated. Question Has anyone ordered from Rakuten Global Market before?

I am planning on ordering some Japanese skincare items from there but I have never ordered from it before and I was wondering if anyone has any tips or insights on the shipping rate and the review of the site? There's been a lot of discussion on this topic previously. The search bar is a great resource you can check before posting. A quick search pulled up 123and more. Thank you so much! I didn't realize I can search on Reddit. I am fairly new to reddit and how to navigate it haha.

rakuten marketing reddit

Because it's a global market there are a bunch of different stores So your experience may differ based on who you order from. I've ordered from Kenko Express and had a great experience. It took a couple weeks to get here, which was no problem for me. However, Small Packet does not have a tracking number and wasn't insured if the package got lost Sorry to hijack, but I find the shipping process a bit And when I wanted to cancel, I wan't allowed to for some reason.

So I was stuck having to pay almost 30quid for like 6 sunscreens. I guess it works out to be cheaper in the grand scheme of things but the fact that we don't know about shipping till after placing an order seems a bit inconvenient to say the least.

Maybe I missed something or went about it wrong? That was my first time purchasing so I could have totally missed something lol. When you hit checkout, you are agreeing to paying the amount for the items, waiting for the invoice for shipping, and then being charged for everything. If you end up not paying for the shipping within your window generally 3 daysthen the order is cancelled. I'm not refuting you, in fact the process you described makes so much more sense than what I experienced.You've found Reddit's awesome affiliate marketing community.

Our goal is to encourage ourselves and others to make money by selling affiliate products and tools through websites, social media, webinars, affiliates, and email marketing. Mash that "report" button if you feel like something doesn't contribute anything helpful. We have active mods that are working to create a helpful, spam-free environment. If you don't think something looks right, flag it! This is our space to talk about what works, what doesn't, and what's new in the world of affiliate marketing.

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rakuten marketing reddit

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Fucking loser. CBD affiliation in Europe self. THE brand new system self. Audience to a website question self. Im a newbie self. Are there any free sites where I can post my affiliate program in order to get affiliate signups? What is the fastest way to find affiliates? What other incentives would motivate you? Self help affiliate site self. Had my own thing, now seeking job here self.

Recommendations on how to pay affiliates? What do you wish you knew before you started? Guest posting on another website to generate sales for yourself? Hi you AM gurus! What's your go-to theme for wordpress when making an affiliate site?

Hi There. I am new to Amazon affiliates. Anyone have some times in hand to clear me so topics please? Looking for a community self.

Rakuten marketing reddit